The Foundations Course

To Ensure a Bright Future For Your Child

Yes Adina, I am ready to begin teaching my child the techniques to ensure a successful future.

In this exclusive course I know I’ll get access to…

  • Eight Master Classes giving me the fundamental methods to ensure that my child will not fold under adversity but will be able to rise up and grow even stronger when dealing with difficult situations

  • Interactive live sessions where I will learn the mind-blowing techniques to ensure that my child will have the confidence to succeed personally and professionally

Mega Bonuses

  • Three additional live sessions where I will be able to get my questions answered from the expert herself amidst a group of like-minded parents

  • Phone-in sessions where I will be able to speak to Adina and troubleshoot my personal challenges

  • Email communication with Adina ensuring that I have step-by-step guidance to implement the critical methods that I learn in this course


Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any unlikely reason you feel that this workshop has not improved your parenting, just email us. You can opt for a speedy refund after 90 days from your date of purchase.

“Adina’s lessons are that parenting manual we all have been searching for. These classes are not to be missed, they are critical for every parent.”
Sarah T.
“Adina taught me how to tackle low self-esteem head on. Now my child comes home from school with his head held high. It is so important to deal with these things when your kids are still young, and I was incredibly impressed with Adina’s methods!”
Shirley P.
“Adina’s mind-blowing teachings have completely changed things for me. If only I had known that I could be this kind of parent sooner!”